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Peritoneal Dialysis
Performing dialysis at home may make a life altering process more acceptable.  This form of dialysis utilizes your own peritoneal membrane as the filter to rid your body of the waste products.  You may consider this therapy if you are active, work or travel.  You do not need to have a needle inserted on a regular basis as you would for hemodialysis.

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The Peritoneal Dialysis Program at US Renal Care of Naples is designed to offer a simple and effective home dialysis.  The goal is to provide appropriate information, skills, and techniques for the patients themselves to be able to perform dialysis safely and effectively.

What is peritoneal Dialysis (PD)? Peritoneal dialysis uses a filter to clean the blood and remove excess fluids. With PD, the blood is cleansed inside the body using one of the body's own membranes, the peritoneum, as the filter.  PD is performed primarily as a home therapy.

Types of Peritoneal Dialysis Methods Available: * CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis).
* CCPD (Continuous Cycler Peritoneal Dialysis).

Who can do Peritoneal Dialysis? * Almost any patient who needs chronic dialysis and is willing to play a responsible role in his/her total care can do peritoneal dialysis.  The methods for providing this type of dialysis are such that most people, including children and the elderly, can have safe and effective dialysis at home.

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When approaching dialysis you will have many questions and fears. US Renal Care Naples offers an educational program called “PD Dialogue.” Our dialysis patients as well as newcomers, spouses and caregivers are invited once a month to discuss their options for living with kidney failure. We have guest speakers and our patients are eager to share their experiences with dialysis and transplant. This unique program has been successful because the patients take the lead and embrace the newcomers by walking them through the process that they themselves have been through. The nurses cover the technical materials and content. The patients cover topics such as:


  • Why they chose Peritoneal Dialysis or Hemodialysis
  • Living with a catheter, fistula or graft
  • Exercise and sports
  • Traveling while on dialysis
  • Transplant
  • Diet/ meal planning


We have lively discussions about traveling in the United States and abroad. We discuss diet and recipes and bring in foods to sample. Our dietician offers suggestions and guidelines for the different dialysis diets.


We talk about insurance plans and ways to save money on medical expenses and prescription drugs. Our social worker explains different programs and grants for which  our patients may be eligible. She also is available to answer insurance questions and to give emotional support on a one to one basis. Any topic is open for discussion in this relaxed, informal get together.


Anyone who is interested in learning about living with dialysis from others who are currently performing or wish to speak to our professional staff, please call the US Renal Care of Naples at 239-596-3044, for meeting time and locations.


Our staff nephrologists are Dr. Mark S. Russo and Dr. Vera M. Stricevic.  Both are experienced with transplant,  hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney stones and  high blood pressure. Our nurses are Yvonne Rhoden, RN, staff social worker is Jeanetta Tepper, CSW, and our staff dietician is Ruth Davies, RDMS.  Other area nephrologists are also welcome to see you at this clinic.