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Naples Nephrology offers a full range of both clinical and administrative services for the benefit of our customers.  We graciously welcome out of town consultations by e-mail or phone.

CKD ClassesAt Naples Nephrology, although you may be early in the chronic kidney disease process, our trained staff will explain all options available to you regarding treatment.



You will learn about diet modifications, the need to adjust your lifestyle, and the real meaning of the laboratory tests.  In a non-biased manner, our nurse educator will describe to you in detail the therapies of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis as well as the potential side effects of transplant medications.  Although you may be very far from kidney intervention, early presentation allows you to choose a therapy which parallels your lifestyle.

The kidney synthesizes a hormone which stimulates red blood cell production.  If your percentage function drops to less than 60%, this hormone may not be produced in sufficient quantities to prevent anemia.  If you may be experiencing weakness and lethargy, this could indicate that you are anemic.  We will replace this hormone and monitor your anemia.

Another product made by the kidney is Vitamin D.  This too may be reduced.  Loss of this hormone may place you at risk for serious fractures.  We will monitor your need for replacement and initiate therapy in a timely fashion.  This will help you avoid potentially preventable problems.  These classes are given on an individual basis.  You will meet with our nurse educator for three sessions.  During this period, your blood pressure is monitored and adjustments in your medications may be warranted.

Kidney TransplantOur staff will encourage you to obtain early work-up for a transplant.  Our aim is for you to avoid undergoing dialysis unless absolutely necessary.  With aggressive transplant evaluation, you will be listed at multiple centers.    After receiving your transplant, we will follow you and adjust your immunosuppression drugs.  This avoids unnecessary travel outside the Naples area.
HemodialysisOur doctors have privileges at all regional units.  We will work with you in choosing a home dialysis center.  You will tour several units prior to dialysis initiation as you meet the staff and even talk with some of the patients.  The team approach is pursued.
Heart FailureSome people experience a decrease in response to medications which help their heart pump more efficiently.  You may be one of those patients that could respond to ultrafiltration, a technique which takes fluid from you at a slow pace, sparing the kidneys from exposure to high doses of diuretics.  We work closely with your cardiologist as they tailor your treatment.
Kidney DiseaseWe have experience in treating patients that have kidney problems related to lupus, focal sclerosis, IgA nephropathy and glomerulonephritis.  We understand that patients with these conditions may require close patient interaction and monitoring.  Our chronic kidney disease management program allows for early detection of anemia and bone disease.
HypertensionWe understand that taking multiple medications may be difficult or inconvenient.  We will work with your doctor to tailor your regimen to be more suitable for you.  We can also work to rule out other diseases that may contribute to this condition/situation.
Performing dialysis at home may make a life altering process more acceptable.  This form of dialysis utilizes your own peritoneal membrane as the filter to rid your body of the waste products.  You may consider this therapy if you are active, work, or travel.  You do not need to have a needle inserted on a regular basis as you would for hemodialysis.

US Renal Care of Naples
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The Peritoneal Dialysis Program at US Renal Care of Naples is designed to offer a simple and effective home dialysis.  The goal is to provide appropriate information, skills, and techniques for the patients themselves to be able to perform dialysis safely and effectively.

What is peritoneal Dialysis (PD)? Peritoneal dialysis uses a filter to clean the blood and remove excess fluids.  With PD, the blood is cleansed inside the body using one of the body's own membranes, the peritoneum, as the filter.  PD is performed primarily as a home therapy.

Types of Peritoneal Dialysis Methods Available: * CAPD (Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis).
* CCPD (continuous cycler peritoneal dialysis).

Who can do Peritoneal Dialysis? * Almost any patient who needs chronic dialysis and is willing to play a responsible role in his/her total care can do peritoneal dialysis.  The methods for providing this type of dialysis are such that most people, including children and the elderly, can have safe and effective dialysis at home.

For further information contact:
Legal Case Review Our doctors have extensive experience in reviewing litigation cases.  They are also available as an expert witness.

Practice Management The doctors here have several years experience in private practices in New Jersey, New York and Naples, FL. Let their experience take the work out of starting or managing your own practice.


Lectures Our doctors are powerful presenters and great speakers.  They are available for giving lectures locally regarding diseases as they relate to the kidney.